Alexa meets your Logitech Media Server & Squeezebox players !


Full Control — plus Stream-to-Echo !

Our non-affiliated MediaServer skill controls all aspects of the venerable Logitech Media Server (LMS), from basic transport commands like play/pause/next plus changing the volume, to requesting specific songs and albums by artist and title or genre. It also allows you to set up and control multi-room groups using just your voice. Moving to another room? With the follow me command you can transfer the current playlist to other player(s) as you move about. You can even stream audio from LMS for playback on an Echo device in rooms without a Squeezebox player — any required transcoding of audio formats not natively supported by the Echo is handled automatically by LMS. During streaming, your Echo appears as a normal Squeezebox player in the LMS GUI so you can control it via e.g. iPeng or Material too ! There's no plugin to install and your LMS instance is protected to today's highest standard of internet security.

Embrace Voice

As you get used to the Voice User Experience, you'll want to employ it in all aspects of your life — so too with selecting the music you listen to. The original Squeezebox pioneered wide-scale streaming of audio from your own server so you no longer had to handle physical LPs or CDs to change the playlist. Now, our Alexa skill frees you from having to select LMS music by App or in a browser. Controlling everything using just your voice makes for a truly hands-free listening experience !

MediaServer is Free

The MediaServer skill is free to enable and use for transport and audio related commands such as changing the volume, asking "what song is this?", commanding "skip ahead 2 minutes", or requesting "go to track 5".

To access premium commands for playing specific album/track/genre choices, a monthly subscription is available via In-Skill Purchase (ISP). It's free to evaluate for 7 days for first-time subscribers, thereafter costing $2.99 or £2.99 (ex. taxes) per month. There's no minimum contract and you can cancel at any time using just your voice. For much less than the cost of a subscription to e.g. Spotify, you can enjoy audio streaming from your own locally-stored music with no device-limits. Just enable the skill and say "Get me a subscription" to enjoy LMS streaming to your Echos plus full voice control of all your Squeezeboxes !

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Free your Music.